Mental Health & Wellbeing - help, contacts and information

This feature pulls together in one place a variety of useful information on mental health and wellbeing which we believe is extremely relevant for young people who may need a little help.

Mental Health & Wellbeing is important at every stage of our life from our childhood, adolescence through to adulthood.

Our mental health includes emotional, psychological & social wellbeing.

There is so much help available so please do not feel you are alone.

Whether your a child or adult we all can feel at times, alone, scared, anxious, worried and unable to cope, sometimes we just need to talk to someone that will just listen. There are so many support networks, connecting you to people who care, they are there to listen, guide and support you through times when you feel alone and isolated. A problem shared can really be a problem halved and make all the difference to your mental health & wellbeing.   

Support groups can help you realise your own abilities, provide emotional support and to build a sense of belonging and self worth and how to cope with stresses in your life. 

We have provided links and information to help, support and guide you with any mental health and wellbeing issues you may be feeling. Alternatively search through the links or posts we've collected in this feature.

For Children and Young People

Below are just a few great support networks.

You are not alone, if your struggling to cope and need support their here to help you. 

Connect HERE to Young Minds. This support group are there to help and want to see a world where no young person feels alone with their mental health, and gets the mental health support they need, when they need it, no matter what.

Connect HERE to Mind. If you're going through a difficult time or are struggling with how you're feeling, it can be really scary and upsetting. Mind are here to help you understand you're not alone and to help you find the support you deserve.

Connect HERE to Shout. If you are struggling to cope and need to talk, trained Shout Volunteers are here for you, day or night.

For Carers and Corporate Parents

A carer supports in so many ways, from emotional support, listening, helping to cope with every day situations and much more. 

Support for carers. Care Information Scotland. The Carers Act gives all adult and young carers in Scotland rights. The act is designed to listen to carers, make support in different areas more consistent and prevent problems – helping sustain caring relationships and protect carers’ health and wellbeing.

Support for carers Click HERE When you begin caring for someone, unpaid, it might be hard to know where to start. It can be a rewarding experience, but when you're coping day to day and responding to the needs of others it can be difficult.

Connect HERE to Barnardo’s.  Nobody knows better than children and young people what their lives are really like. We're here to listen to them and help them get the support they need. We're serious about that. 



For Mental Health Awareness Week, Barnardo’s Scotland and Public Health Scotland launched a new film for everyone involved in educating children and young people - ‘It’s All About Relationships: Embedding relational, trauma sensitive approaches in education settings’.

There are organisations that offer support in the areas that affect your life the most.

Connect HERE to the page at Aberdeenshire Council dedicated to contacts and numbers which can offer help and advice to young people with their mental health

Connect HERE for resources at NHS Scotland on mental health improvement and prevention of self-harm and suicide. 

Connect HERE to Different Minds. One Scotland for more on Autism.

Connect HERE  Mental Health Foundation You're not alone; talk to someone you trust. Sharing a problem is often the first step to recovery

Connect HERE to Young Minds. Young Minds Parents Helpline and can be contacted on 0808 802 5544 (Mon-Frid 9.30am - 4pm)

Health & wellbeing is paramount for all of us, it provides us with a sense of belonging, self esteem, confidence, self worth, independance, it makes us who we are.  We all need some support throughout our lives, to guide us through difficult times it may take a hug from a friend or loved one, someone to just listen, someone to be just there.  Support groups are always there to guide you through these difficult times, and support you with your emotions and feelings.  Your health & wellbeing is their No1 priorty.



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