Youth Music Initiative in Aberdeenshire

The Youth Music Initiative gives young people access to music making opportunities and Live Life Aberdeenshire runs a number of programmes in partnership with YMI. 

The Youth Music Initiative provided by the Scottish Government is administered by Creative Scotland. YMI provides young people with access to high quality music making opportunities and offers young people the chance to achieve their potential in or through music making.

Live Life Aberdeenshire has teamed up with YMI to run a number of events and opportunities for young people.

Sounding Out in Aden Country Park

During an event run over 2 weeks, a group of young people explored the grounds of Aden Country Park, connected with the outdoors, made films and took photography.

See the post HERE for more on this event.

For more on the Youth Music initiative and Live Life Aberdeenshire connect HERE.

Project dates

05 Oct 2021 - 31 Dec 2022


Young people and achievements

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Virtual Head Teacher (Care Experienced Young People)
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