Hello everyone, I am Emma Allen and I am the Virtual Head Teacher for Care Experienced Young People across Aberdeenshire.  I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about a new online community we are developing and growing.


Introducing Aberdeenshire.Community - A 'Your Place, Your Space' online community

Hello everyone, I am Emma Allen and I am the Virtual Head Teacher for Care Experienced Young People across Aberdeenshire.  I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about a new online community we are developing and growing.

Q&A about Aberdeenshire.Community.

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With a brief Q&A session, I’d like to introduce you to this platform and explain more about our aims and plans going forward.

Where can the platform be located?

The platform can be located at www.aberdeenshire.community which is an in-development online space. It should be stressed that this is still very much in-development and will grow and change over the coming months as we invite more people to help and advise us on the direction this unique platform should take.

What is the platform for?

The platform is all about engaging our community across Aberdeenshire and providing one space where you can go for information, help, links and knowledge on people who are working for the benefit of community and for the future of people across Aberdeenshire.

The focus of the platform at this time is Care Experienced Young People, identified as a top priority for organisations and people working across Aberdeenshire.

Why use the brand ‘Your Place, Your Space?

Our aim going forward is to have a place and a space where people of all ages can share information and advice and, most importantly, help their community through messages of encouragement and examples of people inspired to change their lives and those of others.

Aberdeenshire is a pioneer in the development of such an online community. 

What are we doing first?

Our first task at Aberdeenshire.Community is to identify, upload and regularly update the platform with all relevant information and all links that our community engaged in helping Care Experienced Young People have access to and can provide.

We are also building our community and showcasing the work of those involved in advising and helping Care Experienced Young People.  Our Community page contains brief introductions to people and organisations who are crucial to the work we are doing in keeping this digital platform regularly updated with information vitally important to young people and those looking after their needs and interests.

We will be inviting our growing community to add content and this will be in the form of articles, videos, photos and other relevant content that we will be regularly posting on the site.

We will ensure that this regularly updated content reaches those it is intended for by using and growing a family of connected social media channels used by our community such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others.  We will also be using emails and starting an Aberdeenshire Community newsletter. 

What next?

Having already started to engage with young people across Aberdeenshire and having identified the need for young people to be listened to and most importantly involved in the development of the platform, its content and look and feel, these connections will grow.

We will be setting up a dedicated page on the platform for young people to add their own content, participate in anonomised surveys, share with others their challenges and importantly, celebrate their achievements.

What topics will be covered?

Here’s just a few of the topics being pulled together in the one space.

Where to go for advice/information

Examples of young people and their achievements

Mental health and wellbeing

Staying safe online

College and University opportunities (incl. bursaries)

Education into employment

Children Services Plan/GIRFEC

These are just a few of the topics we will be covering at the platform and goes to show how important it is for us to connect and engage with people from inside and from outside Aberdeenshire, from the NHS, from the Police, from Schools, Colleges and Universities, from employers and from so many other organisations that can help our young people. 

How can you get involved?

Now to the really important bit!  We really want you involved and part of this community.

Please make contact with me at:


01467 535395

Please send me a short bio on yourself, your organisation, your work and your interests.

Thank you for your time.

Connect to platform: Aberdeenshire.Community