Introducing Laura Mulgrew - Throughcare and Aftercare

Laura is the team manager for Aberdeenshire Council's Throughcare and Aftercare service, helping young people move on to independent living.

Laura leads a team of social workers and support workers who help care experienced young people move on to independent living.

It can be an overwhelming time as young people prepare for adulthood.  

Laura and the team want young people to feel supported and able to make the right decisions for their future.

The team provides support with practical tasks such as getting set up in a first home, how to pay bills, budget finances and building good habits for life.

Laura says "It's a pleasure seeing you progress and achieve all you want for yourself. We know you are all capable of great things!"

When not her desk, Laura really enjoys getting some fresh air walking and running with her daft 1 year old Labrador called Bear.

Beaches are her happy places to unwind and luckily in Aberdeenshire we have plenty to choose from ��


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Virtual Head Teacher (Care Experienced Young People)
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