Introducing University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen is fully committed to supporting Care Experienced applicants and students.

Anyone who is care experienced or has been looked after by a local authority is especially welcome to apply to the University of Aberdeen.. 

The University provides a range of support mechanisms and services which can be tailored to meet the needs of individual care experienced students.

Please contact the Access & Articulation team with any questions.

They would be delighted to help.

Support offered to Care Experienced students includes:


Applicants with experience of care are eligible to support through Access Aberdeen and Reach.

The University would be delighted to provide tailored support and guidance to care experienced students, for example advice on entry requirements and pathways, funding, and accommodation. 


A guaranteed offer of admission to care experienced applicants who meet the minimum entry requirements, or guaranteed interview for courses requiring an interview or audition. Applicants with experience of care will be considered under the University's Contextualised Admissions and Access Thresholds Policy


The University offers year round accommodation to students who are Care Experienced. Care experienced students can also apply for the University's Rental Guarantor Scheme should they wish to rent from a private landlord. 

Financial assistance: 

Care experienced students are eligible to apply for a range of scholarship opportunities.

Care experienced undergraduate students can also apply for a funding package from SAAS which includes a non-income assessed Care Experienced Students Bursary

Transition Support: 

Access to bespoke online transition courses developed to help boost confidence when starting university. 

Advice and Support Office: 

The University’s Support and Advice Office offers impartial and confidential advice and support on a range of issues, including finance, disability support and more.




Education into employment


(for further information)

Emma Allen
Virtual Head Teacher (Care Experienced Young People)
01467 535395