Introducing Craig - an inspired and inspiring young man!

Craig is a quite amazing young man who was one of only three young people across the UK selected to star in a production of Les Miserabbits. 

This is Craig's story!

Craig is an amazing young man who is an inspiration, not just to other young people but to everyone.

Craig lives in Aberdeen and since the age of 3 he has been involved in community theatre. During lockdown, Craig has been receiving singing lessons and has attended online classes run by Aberdeen charity, Music 4 U. Amonst other initiatives, Music 4 U runs weekly Feel Good Friday concerts which are shared online.

In 2020, at the age of 10, Craig was cast in the socially distanced mini-musical les Miserabbits, being just 1 of 45 youngsters selected and only 1 of 2 living outside of the US. The production and initiative was all about teaching people about the story of Watership Down in an entertaining and accessible manner.

Craig coming in late on the project had just a few days to record and send his part in the full story.

Craig, who lives in Aberdeen, has a physical disability called Poland Syndrome, which means he has no right hand or wrist.

Paula, Craig's nan and an experienced art director herself, had a big part to play in Craig being selected to join the cast of Les Miserabbits. Paula says of Craig; “Craig has excelled and we are all so very proud of him.”

HERE is a video of the production, Les Miserabbits in which Craig performed. 

Craig clearly has an amazing future ahead of him and we wish him much success in whatever he chooses to do.


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