Introducing YPOC (Young People's Organising and Campaigning) Group

The Young People's Organising and Campaigning (YPOC) Group is a group of young people aged 14+ who campaign to make things better for looked after children and young people.

Everyone should listen to children and young people and put them at the centre of decisions taken by others that affect them and their lives.

The YPOC Group is made up of young people who are, or have been, looked after away from home. The group meets every month and is open to any young person who wants to come along.

Through their great work with meetings, events, videos and other information, this inspirational group of young people are active in engaging with people of all ages to ensure things are better for looked after children and young people.  


Guides and Videos from YPOC


Making meetings better - we at YPOC have our say!

View the report HERE.  View the video HERE.


Corporate parenting guide - we at YPOC have our say!

View the report HERE.  View the video HERE.


Coming into care and moving placement - we at YPOC have our say!

View the report HERE.  View the video HERE.


"Tell It Like It Is" events involving YPOC

Below are some of the reports produced following "Tell It Like It Is" events that have involved young people at YPOC. 

Primary aged children report

Report no.2.



Rights Matters Newsletters involving YPOC

What are your rights?

The children's rights service helps children and young people who are being looked after. We help you understand your rights and make sure that they are being respected.

The service is independent from social workers, teachers, residential care staff, foster carers, educational psychologists and all other adults concerned with your care.

Find out more and get your answers HERE.  

What is the law on Children's Rights?

Children and young people have rights laid down by international and Scottish law, and by government policy.  

Check out the following:

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

The Children (Scotland) Act 1995

The Human Rights Act 1998


Children Services Plan/Girfec, Young people and achievements


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